“At first, when we looked into CCNS, the level of  commitment required by the families stumped me.  However, I was amazed  by the variety of activities, and how happy the kids appeared.  I had  visited other preschools but there seemed to be something absent.  A  news reporter featured me on the front cover of the San Jose Mercury  news asking me how the pressures were to ‘choose’ a preschool.  At the  time, I wasn’t even considering the idea – then realized that times have  changed.  Children are growing up younger and need the assistance to  mature in a social but nurturing environment.  CCNS isn’t just about the  ‘whole’ child - I love CCNS because it is about the ‘whole family’ and  it involves its ‘whole community.’” 

-Susan Little-Nell

 “I can't imagine if we hadn't signed up for CCNS! All  of the work my husband and I have put into it thus far has been so  rewarding, because I know all of the other parents are working hard for  the school. It's a truly cooperative environment. You get out of it what  you put into it. 

My daughter, hesitant to go to a new place at first,  has transitioned so well and I have watched CCNS become HER school. I  have no doubt that CCNS will hold a treasured, special place in her  childhood memories. In fact, I was a little saddened to think that my  son (now 7) did not have all of the opportunities that Sarafina has had  in the mere 8 weeks she's been attending! For example, he does not have a  "memory book" (one of the projects parents must complete and share at  the end of the year) of his own to look back on.  Sarafina already has  so much to put in her memory book. Choosing the right school makes all  the difference! We are already so thankful for what CCNS has given back  to us.  (Thank you, Lori!)” 

-Tracey Trimeloni

 “I had recently moved to Sunnyvale and knew hardly  anyone in the community.  Then I started at CCNS with my daughter, and  instantly felt welcomed into a warm and friendly environment.  The  friends I've made at CCNS will stay with me for a lifetime.” 

-Sharlene Liu

More Testimonials

 “My first impression of CCNS was a lasting one...I  stopped in unannounced (as I firmly believe one should do in order to  get a "true picture" of a prospective preschool).  I was immediately  greeted by Director Michelle Edgecumbe, welcomed by her fabulous smile  and then invited into the Music Room for Circle Time.  I was invited to  stay as long as I wanted and encouraged to ask questions of any of the  parents.  I think I made up my mind that CCNS was the school for my  children before I even stepped outside into the backyard...and then I  saw that backyard!  The decision was made then and there!   And unlike  my negative experience visiting other preschools where I was told to  "make an appointment to visit" or "visits only take place at Open  House", my positive experience visiting CCNS encouraged me rather than  turned me away.  You know what they say about first impressions...I  certainly wasn't disappointed!” 

-Leslie Kloes

 “Our experience at CCNS was one of enrichment and joy  as we watched our daughter go through the many wonderful experiences  offered at the school. Seeing our daughter collect her first egg from  the barn, riding the bikes in an endless circle and making tile patterns  on the carpet with Teacher Lori was great to watch. We learned by doing  with field trips, cooking projects, art and science experiments. We  also developed a sense of community when the children shared snack  together, played games and came with their families to the many school  activities from camping to the snow day, all taking place in the play  yard of the school. It was like having a second home.

We loved our experience at CCNS and have no regrets.  Yes, the time volunteering can be overwhelming at times and yet we could  always find support in this wonderful community when we need it.  We  hope you have as much fun as we did.” 

-Andrea, Robert and Maya Sabatino

“CCNS is an amazing experience…for both the  child and the parent.  Through the play-based curriculum, my son has  learned how to make choices for himself, live with consequences and  negotiate the social and structural demands of school.  As a young  reader, my son was able to develop that talent, work on areas that were  more difficult to him and, most of all, gain a love of learning.  As a  parent working in the classroom, I have gained a broader perspective on  child development, learned new parenting skills and have made life-long  friends.  The thing that sets CCNS apart is the dedication and  commitment of its director, teachers and parents.  It is a very well run  school that doesn’t lose sight of creating an inclusive, tight-knit  community.  CCNS is a very special place and I feel lucky to have been  part of it.” 

-Anne Schaefer

Even more testimonials... our parents love us!

 “Our children thrived in the safe yet highly  stimulating learn-thru-play environment of the Cupertino Co-op Nursery  School. Above and beyond the rich experiences our three boys enjoyed as  they developed and matured through their preschool years, choosing CCNS  helped us become better parents. The co-op preschool model is explicitly  designed to develop the parent's skills and confidence though weekly  participation and parent education and CCNS provides a strong parental  support system of other parents, staff, and outside resources and  experts.” 

-The Morales Family, CCNS 2001-2008

 “When I found out from the CCNS website about the  responsibilities of a CCNS family, I was worried.  The responsibilities  are overwhelming.  A few of my other Mom friends signed up and so did  I.  My rationale is that first, there may not be a spot for us, and  second, we can still turn it down if we got accepted.  We submitted our  application in October 2006, almost a year before the school year  starts.  We got a spot.  I was overwhelmed, but, after much agonizing,  we decided to try it out.

I am so glad we did.  Now, about half way through the  school year, I have everything good to say about the school.  The  teachers are amazing.  They are not only the children's teacher, they  are also the parents' teachers, at least to me.  They are patient and  help everyone to be successful in their jobs.  They consider us as  partners in school, which I think, is very important.  We all have a  vested interest and this is what motivates us, at least I can say that  for myself.

Teacher Michelle, the director of the program, is one  individual with so much energy and love for the children.  You have to  meet her to understand what I mean.  Not enough words can sufficiently  describe her.  Her passion for the school makes me feel so privileged to  be part of the school.  I feel safe and this makes me feel secure  leaving my precious son in the care of these teachers.

The parents are also a group of people I have grown  to respect.  I realize that, like me, they just want the best  environment for their children to learn and develop in.  We help each  other with our responsibilities and support each other.  Most of the  parents I've met, put in so much effort to make the school a better  place for everyone.  I learned as much about parenting from the night  seminars, teachers, and other parents.  I know Nathan learns as much  from these other parents too as he is exposed to families from different  backgrounds.  I am so glad to be a part of this community.” 

-Sukmawati Sumali

 “I'll always remember the day we discovered the  school.  My son and I were driving by and saw the sign for the Open  House.  We decided to stop in.  We were introduced to the warmest most  welcoming lady, Michelle.  As we followed her around, a little boy  walked by and she got down to his level and showed him that his shoe was  untied.  "How does your mommy do it?  With one knot or two?"  The  little boy just blinked back at her.  She then checked the other shoe  and tied it accordingly and he was off!  I was immediately impressed  with the special individual care he received...and since joining the  school see that every child receives that kind of attention, love and  care.  Both my children now attend and love it so much that  playing  "school" at home is their favorite activity!  Once you join, it's like  becoming part of a wonderful family that not only helps your child grow  developmentally, but helps you grow as a parent.  I've learned a lot  from their adult education program as it's given me more tools to use in  my parenting.  I would not hesitate to recommend this school to anyone.   It is a true gem.” 

-Myronie McKee