Our goal is to provide the time, space, materials and guidance needed by children to optimize their play experience. Children can only realize their fullest potential if they are able to develop a positive self-image. 

We believe that children thrive in our environment, where there are confident people who like, understand and respect them, and a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for them to learn and grow. 

We believe that play is the most effective means available to young children to accomplish integration and growth. 

Our Philosophy


 Here at CCNS:

Parents work in partnership with the teachers to

- support their child’s experiences

- discover new approaches to child rearing

- re-examine their established parenting patterns.

Children as well as adults learn and grow together in an atmosphere of appreciation and acceptance. Adults deserve the  same respect, guidance and caring from each other and from the teacher as the children receive.

Many cultures and traditions are represented by our member families, thus exposing the children at a very young age to various differences and similarities between people.

Parents have direct influence in shaping the school. It is the hand in hand cooperation between the parents and credentialed teachers that determines the total program each year.

We Offer




  • A relaxed environment in which they can learn to cooperate, share, and form friendships with peers.
  • Caring adults. Our average child to adult ratio is 3:1. That ensures there is abundant individual attention for each child.
  • Abundant creative play and movement exploration opportunities to develop physical and mental skills. (Sand, mud, and water, painting and cooking, arts and crafts, carpentry, puzzles and games.)
  • An introduction to more formalized learning. Our preschoolers begin to explore the worlds of science, music, and drama, of colors, numbers, letters, and shapes.
  • Field trips. Frequent field trips to diverse and exciting places, such as a farm, bakery, planetarium, museum, and even a ride on a train, familiarize the preschoolers with a larger world



  • A safe environment in which they, too, may learn and grow in their understanding of children and may enhance their parenting skills.
  • Ongoing help and support in raising children.
  • Opportunities to share their leadership and business skills, as well as their innate talents, in the day to day running of the school.
  • A place to develop lasting friendships with people who share diverse cultures and backgrounds.