Family Involvement


Cupertino Co-op offers parents the excitement of sharing the preschool experience with their children and making lifelong friendships through volunteering.  By working in the school under the guidance of credentialed teachers, the parents are able to nurture their relationship with their child.


A parent, grandparent, or other important family member must:

  • Work at the school one half-day per week, under the direction of a credentialed teacher
  • Attend two evening meetings per month
  • Be available for four Emergency Days per school year
  • Contribute ten Committee Hours per school year
  • Contribute three Special Project Hours per school year
  • Share in the maintenance and administration of the school, by working two Janitorial Weekends per school year.

Cupertino Co-op is a non-profit, multicultural, non-sectarian educational organization licensed by the state of California and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our tuition remains low because of the continuous efforts of our parents to support the school in many ways.