4/5 Program

3 Days per Week

12:15 to 3:30 pm

 Teacher to Student 1:24 with 8 working parents  

A typical day's schedule includes:

  • A personal greeting
  • Greeting Time to discuss the day's plans
  • Small group directed lesson for only 12 students designed to include pre-reading, pre-math, pre- kindergarten skills
  • Large group story time at the day's end
  • Snack time in small groups
  • Many opportunities for the child to choose outdoor or indoor activities related to cooking, crafts, science, gardening, pets  (Chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, fish)
  • Movement exploration and fine & large motor development challenges daily
  • Each child is honored as "Star of the Week" once during the year 

Field trips every other Thursday on excursions such as nature walks, ice-skating, bowling, and taking a Cal-train ride.