3/4 Program


3 Days per Week

(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

9:00 to 11:30 am

Teacher to Student 1:24 with 8 working parents

A typical day's schedule includes:

  • A personal greeting
  • Large blocks of free time for the children to make choices
  • Music Time: Singing/dancing/movement exploration
  • Snack time in small groups; stories at least twice a day
  • Projects: crafts, carpentry, puppets, sand play, science experiments, dramatic play, cooking, gardening
  • Pets: Chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs
  • Indoor and outdoor play available almost every day to foster large and small motor development

Family Involvement


Cupertino Co-op offers parents the excitement of sharing the preschool experience with their children and making lifelong friendships through volunteering.  By working in the school under the guidance of credentialed teachers, the parents are able to nurture their relationship with their child.


A parent, grandparent, or other important family member must:

  • Work at the school one half-day per week, under the direction of a credentialed teacher
  • Attend Monthly parent education gatherings
  • Be available for 5 Emergency Days per school year
  • Contribute 10 Committee Hours per school year
  • Contribute 3 Special Project Hours per school year
  • Share in the maintenance and administration of the school, by working 2 Janitorial Weekends per school year.

Affordable Tuition

What is CCNS?

 "I was thinking this morning that I wish Joshua could stay here for his entire education, it is such a wonderful place." 

- Frances (Alumni Parent, 2018)